Hammer & Stain Pottstown

4/29/2021 @6PM - All Things Pets Workshop!! ($35+)

Hammer & Stain

Join us Thursday, April 29, 2021 @6Pm at Hammer & Stain- Pottstown for a  pets themed workshop. we all love our furry animals so lets honor them.

We are offering pet portraits, oversized planks (12x48"), Large and small Home shutters (48" or 32"), 14" square pallets, 14x24" pallets, 18" rounds and 6x32" planks. Customize your project in studio with your choice of stain & paint colors. This registration will allow for one adult to come make a project. 

Pet portraits must be emailed to us at Hammerandstainpottstown@gmail.com after your order is placed. Any project with a pet portrait must be placed by April 20th! Please list your name and order number when emailing pictures over.

  • We have a limited seating available at this time with Covid restrictions in place.  One project per person.  Only those registered for a workshop will be able to attend the workshop
  • Masks are required at all times while in the studio. This is for the safety of everyone involved
  • If you have had a fever in the past week leading up to the workshop, please do NOT attend this workshop.  Contact us at hammerandstainspottstown@gmail.com if this is the case
  • When arriving to the studio we will ask everyeone to sanitize their hands and we will direct you to your seat.
  • At this time we will not supply aprons to be worn.  Please bring your own if needed 


1. Choose your project from the Design Choices dropdown menu or click on the desired project photo

2. On the personalization form, enter the personalized data needed in order to prepare your stencil, or put n/a

3. Proceed with checkout.

*Simple substitutions of words within the shown design and layout can generally be made at no additional charge. However, significant changes to our standard designs or special requests for a new design are considered custom and must be pre-approved and submitted at least 7 days prior to your event. If approved, a customization fee of $25 will apply.

***For the portrait option, a head shot of your pet will need to be sent to hammerandstainpottstown@gmail.com after processing your order.  Please list your name and your order number in the e-mail subject. 

Regular price $50.00 Sale


Once your order has been submitted we are immediately beginning the process of production. We do not issue refunds for cancellations for this reason. If you need to cancel a reservation please email us at hammerandstainpottstown@gmail.com as soon as possible. For any cancellation we will be more than happy to hold your project and stencil in house and you can reschedule to come in at another time that works for you to complete your project. If you would like we can also offer you a Take-Home Kit for your project. We will provide you with the necessary supplies and directions to complete the project at home. If you have any questions on this policy please email us at hammerandstainpottstown@gmail.com Thank you for your understanding of this matter