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Raising money for your favorite non-profit organization is easy and fun for your supporters when you host a fundraising event at Hammer & Stain. Your supporters will have a blast and you could raise $200 or more for your cause! 

Here’s how it works:

There are no physical tickets to sell. We handle all payment transactions through our online registration system. Your supporters will sign up directly at our website (www.hammerandstainpottstown.com)

To book a fundraiser, we require you to pay a deposit of $50 (which will be refunded once the event has completed). We require a minimum of 15 people in-studio (we can seat up to 45) and 25 minimum off-location and have a pre-set workshop minimum price of $45+ per person. 

We suggest you book your fundraiser a minimum of 6 weeks in advance of your event in order to allow adequate time to sell at least 15 seats so that the event is profitable for you. We will post your fundraiser alongside our other events on facebook if desired.

After the event, Hammer & Stain will donate proceeds directly to the organization. You must provide us with evidence that you are authorized to collect donations for the organization you represent.

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